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Brian McKenna — 2011-11-13

SydJS is on Wednesday and I’m giving a talk about altJS languages. I recently read Zach Holman’s Slide Design for Developers and my biggest enlightenments were:

  • Make text huge
  • Words as shapes

I wanted to experiment with the layout of my slides and focus completely on those. I tried doing it with Keynote and OpenOffice but they weren’t making it very easy to create the style I wanted.

I thought doing it in HTML5 and JavaScript would be much easier. There is an awesome library called BigText, it resizes the CSS font-sizeuntil text fits to the container width - perfect for what I wanted.

I’ve been working on the SydJS slides for a while but tonight I extracted the skeleton and wrote a quick demo:

I’ve uploaded the demo online. If you want to create your own presentation, clone the skeleton from Bitbucket.

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