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Tool Subsumption and Silver Bullets

Brian McKenna2017-10-09

Haskell on Android using Eta

Brian McKenna2017-05-23

Running Unpatched Binaries on NixOS

Brian McKenna2017-03-22

How to stop functional programming

Brian McKenna2016-02-23

Don't write code on line #45

Brian McKenna2016-02-22

QuickChecking non-Haskell Code

Brian McKenna2015-03-10

This Blog Uses Idris

Brian McKenna2015-02-12

EvenOdd in Agda, Idris, Haskell, Scala

Brian McKenna2014-01-23

Idris as a Library

Brian McKenna2013-12-22

Scala Code Linting via WartRemover 0.4

Brian McKenna2013-09-16

Odd Odd Even Agda Proof, Take (suc (suc zero))

Brian McKenna2013-08-03

Bottom-up Type Annotation with the Cofree Comonad

Brian McKenna2013-07-06

Row Polymorphism Isn't Subtyping

Brian McKenna2013-05-05

Read-only Guest tmux Sessions

Brian McKenna2013-04-29

Category Theory for Promises/A+

Brian McKenna2013-04-09

Applicative Validation in JavaScript

Brian McKenna2013-03-27

Haskell Buildpack for Heroku

Brian McKenna2012-11-07

bilby.js - QuickCheck

Brian McKenna2012-09-16

Introducing bilby.js

Brian McKenna2012-09-09

Roy - Constraint Typing

Brian McKenna2012-09-02

GLL Combinators - Whitespace Fix

Brian McKenna2012-08-26

Dripper git support

Brian McKenna2012-08-19

ScalaSyd - Monad Transformers

Brian McKenna2012-08-12

OSXMonad using StackSet

Brian McKenna2012-08-05

OSXMonad as an XMonad library

Brian McKenna2012-07-29

OS X Tiling Window Manager

Brian McKenna2012-07-22

JavaScript ad hoc single dispatch library

Brian McKenna2012-07-15


Brian McKenna2012-07-08

CraftyJS running character demo

Brian McKenna2012-07-01

Foldable1/Traverse1 for scalaz

Brian McKenna2012-06-24

Using ScalaCheck with Akka and Specs2

Brian McKenna2012-06-17

Roy - IEEE Article

Brian McKenna2012-06-10

GovHack 2012

Brian McKenna2012-06-03


Brian McKenna2012-05-27

Haskell on Heroku

Brian McKenna2012-05-20

Roy - Jasmine tests

Brian McKenna2012-05-13

Roy - Type-class function constraints

Brian McKenna2012-05-06

Roy - Initial Source Maps

Brian McKenna2012-04-29

Roy - Type-classes and how they fix primitives

Brian McKenna2012-04-22

Roy - Highlighting on Website

Brian McKenna2012-04-15

Roy - CLI Compile Browser Modules

Brian McKenna2012-03-25

Roy - Modules in master

Brian McKenna2012-03-18

Roy - Breaking Changes

Brian McKenna2012-03-11

Ray - Roy on Play

Brian McKenna2012-03-04

Diabetes Fundraiser Poster

Brian McKenna2012-02-26

Roy - fp-syd

Brian McKenna2012-02-19

Roy - REPL Improvements

Brian McKenna2012-02-12

Roy - DOM Tests

Brian McKenna2012-02-05

Roy - Browser Modules

Brian McKenna2012-01-29

Roy - node.js Modules

Brian McKenna2012-01-22

Roy - Type System Documentation

Brian McKenna2012-01-15

Type Errors as Warnings

Brian McKenna2012-01-11

Roy - Documentation

Brian McKenna2012-01-08

Roy - Literate Roy

Brian McKenna2012-01-01

Rome - Roy as Chrome Extension

Brian McKenna2011-12-25

Roy - Separate Compilation

Brian McKenna2011-12-18

Roy - Pretty Printing

Brian McKenna2011-12-11

Roy - Recursive Data

Brian McKenna2011-12-04

Roy's Big Week

Brian McKenna2011-11-27

SydJS Presentation on altJS

Brian McKenna2011-11-20

BigText Slideshow

Brian McKenna2011-11-13

S-expression Compiler in Scala

Brian McKenna2011-11-06

Launch48 Sydney

Brian McKenna2011-10-30

Roy - Type Aliases

Brian McKenna2011-10-23

Roy - Tuples

Brian McKenna2011-10-16

Roy - Deep Pattern Matching

Brian McKenna2011-10-09

Roy Improvements

Brian McKenna2011-10-02

Time Lapse

Brian McKenna2011-09-25

PyWeek #13

Brian McKenna2011-09-18


Brian McKenna2011-09-11

Cloud9 User Script

Brian McKenna2011-09-04

PyWeek - 8 pixels and Python reloading

Brian McKenna2011-08-28

Odd Odd Even Agda Proof

Brian McKenna2011-08-21

GDD HTML5 Challenge

Brian McKenna2011-08-14

Ringneck - PASM to JS

Brian McKenna2011-08-07


Brian McKenna2011-07-31

Escaping Callback Hell with ClojureScript macros

Brian McKenna2011-07-24

Roy - Tests (finally)

Brian McKenna2011-07-17

Learn Nintendo DS a Haskell

Brian McKenna2011-07-10

Roy - Meta-programming and a REPL

Brian McKenna2011-07-03

Roy - Standard Library

Brian McKenna2011-06-26

Roy - Monad Syntax

Brian McKenna2011-06-19

Roy - Structural Typing

Brian McKenna2011-06-12

Roy - Simple Pattern Matching

Brian McKenna2011-06-05


Brian McKenna2011-05-29

Simple Lexer in JavaScript

Brian McKenna2011-05-22

Type Inference in JavaScript

Brian McKenna2011-05-15

Minimalist Android Scala Environment

Brian McKenna2010-12-28

Haskell: From a Parallel Perspective

Brian McKenna2010-10-13

When I was 3...

Brian McKenna2010-09-06

Wanted: Unparallel project in need of good optimisation

Brian McKenna2010-07-29

node.js WebGL

Brian McKenna2010-06-09

GSoC Introduction

Brian McKenna2010-05-19

PyWeek 2010

Brian McKenna2010-04-29

JavaScript as a Functional Language

Brian McKenna2010-04-28

node.js via CGI

Brian McKenna2010-04-27