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PyWeek 2010

Brian McKenna — 2010-04-29

At the beginning of the month I was finishing off a little game I helped make for PyWeek. PyWeek is a game programming competition where you must create a whole game within a week and use Python.

I was the sole programmer on the team, there were two other people working on art and music. I was really happy with the end product (even though it was rushed). The reviews of our game are public, here are a few choice ones:


Excellent concept. Hard and tricky game - had to think to get through this game (that’s good) and it doesn’t repeat “puzzles” much. Well executed, the jumping/bouncing feels nice and bouncy. Great graphics and nice music. Intro video was neat, although I think it could’ve taken the whole screen. Excellent work on this game, I just wish it was longer. You should really give some thought into making this a full game, with more levels, a tutorial, a better storyline and everything (maybe some new features would be nice too, like different types of jelly). I really think it has potential for a great “full game”. :)


I was extremely impressed by this entry! Great job! However, the learning curve level was way too hard for me to really enjoy it. If there were more tutorial parts and less mid-air precision shots, I would have had a lot of fun with it.


Retro look. Platforming with jelly bouncing. What’s not to like? Apart from the fact that I ran out of goo that is.


I was amazed by the production values of this game. Really cool art style. The gameplay is nice… but i couldn’t figure out how to cross beyond the first obstacle :(

I’ve posted some videos of the game to YouTube:

I have created a Windows package for anyone who wants to try it out. There is also a Python source version for people on other systems - the only problem is that the source version requires Pyglet.

I’m planning on working on this game a bit further and entering into the Pyggy Awards.

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