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PyWeek #13

Brian McKenna — 2011-09-18

Today was the last day of PyWeek #13. I entered in a team that included four other graduate developers from work.

The theme was “Mutate!” - we got together and came up with the concept of a tower defence game that used a genetic algorithm to evolve.

We named the game “Smooth Jazz Tower Defence”. Here are the instructions form the README:

This is a tower defence game with a twist: creeps mutate! The game uses a genetic algorithm to select the best creeps and breed them together. A little bit of mutation is thrown in for a bit of spice, just like in evolution.

For both creeps and turrets, colours signify the specialties:

  • Red: health
  • Blue: armour
  • Green: speed

A good first strategy is to place one of each turret at the start of the map.

To place a turret, click its icon from the right side of the screen. Hover your cursor over a bright red square and click.

Sit back, relax and let the smooth jazz sooth your soul.

I’ve uploaded a video of the game to YouTube:

The game runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and anything else that supports Pyglet. Download links are on our PyWeek page.

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