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GSoC Introduction

Brian McKenna — 2010-05-19

This post has been taken from the WordPress GSoC 2010 blog.

I work part-time as a web developer at a marketing and advertising agency which heavily uses WordPress as a CMS. Like many developers, we use local development machines to add new functionality and fix bugs, we then migrate those websites onto our client’s web servers. If you’re very familiar with WordPress you’ll probably know that migrating an install is fairly horrible. That’s what I plan to fix.

I’ll try to put an easy to use interface (hopefully with some help from the WordPress UI/UX team) that will let the user type in their new URL, new FTP credentials and new database server credentials. The blog will then be able to use all of those details and move itself over, automatically. I’m not a UI designer so please forgive my mock-up:

I’ll be posting a revised project proposal to this blog soon. It will be at the following URL when it’s ready:

This has been a brief overview of my project. What do you think of the idea? What would you like to see implemented?

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