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OS X Tiling Window Manager

Brian McKenna — 2012-07-22

This weekend was AusHac. I worked on an OS X tiling window manager in Haskell.

The idea was to get a prototype “shell” that can tile windows in a way suitable for XMonad. XMonad’s layout algorithms could then be taken and strapped into the shell. Sadly the XMonad.Layout module has a few dependencies on X11, so it’s not going to be as easy as I’d like.

I couldn’t chuck in XMonad’s layout algorithms so I made a very simple one. It just splits the space horizontally:

Next steps:

  • Get some XMonad layouts working
  • Don’t use threadDelay, figure out a way to wait for window events
  • Add hotkeys for changing layouts
  • Make things configurable like XMonad

I’ve tenatively called it osxmonad. You can clone it from Bitbucket or GitHub. You’ll need OS X 10.6 with Haskell platform 2012.2.0. Then it’s just cabal configure && cabal install.

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